The Butcher Shop Est. 1975

Meat manager Micheal Lemme, meat specialists Arturo, Louis, John and Frank are ready to serve you.

Orders are now being taken please call 610 353 4014.
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Complete Fresh Meat Services:

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Beef - Pork - Lamb - Veal - Poultry - Provision

U.S.D.A. Choice Beef
Flat Iron Steak
Tri-tip Steak
Flank Steak
U.S.D.A. American Lamb
Shoulder Chops
Rib or Loin Chops
Nature White Veal
Fresh Veal Chops
Veal Cutlets
Western Pork
Country Style Ribs
Center Cut Pork Chops
Grade A Fresh Poultry
Split Chicken Breast
Thin Chicken Cutlets
Cut To Order Whole Portions
Half or Whole N.Y. Strip Steak
Boneless Pork Loin
Seasoned Oven Ready Boneless Turkey Breast
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Stuffed Pork Chops
Budget Meats in a Box
N.Y. Strip Steaks 8 - 8oz.
Rib Eye Steaks 8 - 8oz.
Fresh Ground Meats
Ground Sirloin 80% lean
Extra Lean Ground Sirloin 95% lean
Beef, Pork & Veal Ground Mix
Fresh Made Sausage
Italian Sweet or Hot Sausage
Liver Sausage
Italian Saussage Fennel

(All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)

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