Onsite Catering

Philly Theme
3 Hour Service
( 35 Guest Minimum)

Imported Cheese and Salumi:
Cut Before Your Eyes

Sharp Pronvolone, Gorgonzola, Prima Donna, Fresh Morzzarella, Fresh Ricotta on Crustini Bread

Olives & Marinated

Dried Cured, Cerignola, Calabrese
Marinated Eggplant, Artichoke, Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers - Bruschetta

Fresh Green Salad:
Served with Italian Dressings

Caesar Salad


Whole Porchetta (Pork Sandwiches)
Cheese Steaks (Prepared at Location)
Grill Chicken Cheese Steak (Prepared at Location)
Genuine Italian Hoagie or Chicken Fingers with dip
Chicken Cutlets with Broccoli di Rabe
(All Meats Served on Mini Rolls to Ensure a Taste of All)


Baked Ziti


Seasonal  Vegetables

Fun Food

Fresh Tomato Pie ~ Stromboli ~ Stuffed Long Hot Pepper
Soft Pretzels ~ Popcorn ~ Potato Chips ~ Cracker Jacks


Mini Cannolis ~ Mini Cream Puffs
Tasty Kakes ~ Fresh Fruit


Six Assorted Beverages ~ Panna & San Pellegrino Water


American & Provolone Cheese
Sweet & Hot Roasted Peppers
Rolls & Loaves of Bread

 $44 Per Person
(Please refer to catering policy for service options & details)
Specials Turkey
Specials The Butcher Shop
Specials Porchetta
Outdoor Kitchen

Place Orders By: Tel. 610-353-2080 - Fax 610-353-3517 - E-Mail  lgfoods@gmail.com
When ordering by fax or email, please call to confirm. 3601 Chapel Road - Newtown Square, PA 19073