Onsite Catering

Choose from our Station Wedding Menu or Our Elegant Wedding Package

  • Station ~ Wedding Reception

    Starting at $47.00 per person

    Stations Wedding

    Included with Your Package:

    ~ Four Hour Reception ~
    ~ Bar Service offerings & champagne toast provided at additional charge
    (Alcoholic Beverages Provided by Host) ~
    ~ Four Course Dinner ~ Buffet or Sit Down in Dinner Setting ~
    ~ Choice of 1 Entree & Carving Station Choose 1 Entree ~
    ~ Wedding Coordinator ~
    ~ White Linen Tablecloths ~
    ~ Wedding Cake ~
    ~ Dinner Tasting for Party of Four ~

    Carving Station: Choice of One

    ~ Top Round of Beef ~ Rack of Pork Loin ~ Whole Boneless Stuffed Turkey ~ London Broil ~ Whole Boneless Roasted Pig (Porchetta)


    ~ Coffee and Tea ~
    ~ Soft Beverages ~

    Wedding Cake:

    ~ Wedding cake of your choice (allowance not to exceed $3.50 per person) ~

    Wedding Reception Menu

    Starting at $47.00 per person

    Please Choose Six of the Seven Listed Offerings and One Selection of Carving Station:

    Salad: Choice of One
    Caesar Salad ~ dressing of choice
    Tossed Salad ~ dressing of choice
    Spring Mix Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Pasta: Choice of One
    Baked Ziti
    Penne or Rigatoni with Marinara
    Mezzo Rigatoni with Garlic & Oil
    Linguini with Red or White Seafood Sauce
    Orzo (Summer Pasta Salad with Pineapple) ~ Cold
    Tri Color Pasta Salad ~ Cold

    Starch: Choice of One
    Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes ~ Italian Style
    Roasted Idaho Potato Spears with Rosemary
    Roasted White New Potatoes ~ Italian Style
    Au gratin Potatoes

    Vegetables: Choice of One
    String Bean Almandine
    Vegetarian Scallopini
    Zucchini & Potatoes
    Eggplant Caponata
    Grilled Vegetables with Dip
    Vegetable Medley
    Swiss Chard Sauteed with Potatoes

    Meat: Choice of One (Choose Two Selections for Sit Down Dinner)
    Sausage & Peppers ~ Red or White
    Sliced Roast Beef or Port
    Meatballs or Meatloaf
    Chicken Scallopini or Marsala
    Chicken Parmigiano or Francese
    Grilled Chicken or Turkey Cutlets
    Roasted Mixed Chicken Parts ~ Italian Style
    Lamb & Roasted Potatoes ~ Red Sauce
    Veal Scaloppini or Veal Parmigiano
    Whole Boneless Turkey or Breast
    Grilled Salmon
    Flounder Filet with Crab Meat
    Lemon Chicken

    Desserts: Choice of One
    Mini Cannoli, Cream Puffs & Eclairs
    Pastry Bites
    Homemade Biscotti w/ Imported Chocolate & Candies
    Fresh Fruit or Fruits with Spirits

    Hors D'Ouevres (Choice of One)
    Chicken Wings (BBQ ~ Hot ~ Abruzzese Style)
    Mini Sausage Bites w/ Broccoli Di Rabe
    Focaccia Pizza Bites or Mini Hoagie Bites
    Fresh Vegetables with Dip
    Mini Egg Rolls or Franks in a Blanket
    Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Ground Veal, Sausage or Pork
    Breaded Zucchini & Eggplant w/ Marinara Dip
    Bruschetta with Tomato & Toasted Bread
    Bruschetta with Roasted Red Peppers & Toasted Bread
    Bruschetta with Ricotta on Fresh Crispy Bread
    Pepperoni & Cheese or Chicken Fingers
    Imported Cheeses, Olives & Grapes

    20% Service Charge, Gratuities appreciated with no obligation and 6% Tax
    ~ Culinary Services Provided By Luigi and Giovanni Specialty Foods ~

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  • Elegant Wedding Reception Package

    Starting at $79 per person

    Elegant Wedding Package

    Included with Your Package:

    Five Hour Reception
    Five Course Dinner
    Optional: Enhanced Amenities
    Butlered and Stationed Hors d'Ouevres
    Signature Drink to each Guest Upon Arrival
    Salad Course
    Choice of 2 Entrees
    Wedding Cake
    Wedding Coordinator
    White Linens with Your Choice of Colored Napkins

    Dinner Tasting Party of Four

    Stationary Hors d'Ouevres - First Course

    ~ Assorted Cheese Table with Fruit of the Day
    ~ Chicken Tenders with Sweet & Sour Sauce
    ~ Rustic Italian Pie with Prosciutto & Ricotta
    ~ Blackened Chicken with Spicy Honey Mustard Sauce
    ~ Assorted Imported Olives with Roasted Sweet Peppers
    ~ Assorted Bruschetta with Fresh Herbs & Crustini Breads
    ~ Fresh Vegetables and Blue Cheese Dip
    ~ Roasted Mixed Vegetables

    Butlered Hors d'Ouevres

    ~ Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab Meat
    ~ Asparagus Wrapped with Parma Prosciutto
    ~ Bresaola on Crustini Bread
    ~ Salmon with Horseradish Mustard Sauce on Multi-Grain Bread

    Second Course (Appetizers) - Choose One

    ~ Italian Wedding Soup
    ~ Minestrone Soup
    ~ Prosciutto & Melon (in season)
    ~ Penne Pasta with Prosciutto, Vodka Blush Sauce
    ~ Cheese Ravioli with Fresh Spinach in Light Tomato Sauce
    ~ Ravioli Sampler Chefs Selection of Three Different Kinds of Filled Pastas in Three Different Sauces

    Third Course (Salads) - Choose One

    ~ Mixed Green ~
    In Season greens with carrots, cucumbers. Your choice of Honey Mustard Dressing or Balsamic Vinaigrette

    ~ Caesar Salad ~
    Crispy Romaine Lettuce, Homemade Dressing, Shredded Parmesan & Croutons

    ~ Signature Salad ~
    Baby greens, Romaine Lettuce, Sun dried cranberries, tomato, red onion, and Gorgonzola cheese.
    Served with Choice of Dressing

    Fourth Course - Dinner Entrees (Choice of Two)

    Package Price Includes Red Bliss Potatoes & Vegetable of the Day

    Grilled Chicken
    Breast of Chicken Marinated & Grilled. Served with Lemon Butter Sauce, White Wine.


    Chicken Marsala
    Breast of Chicken Sauteed with Marsala Wine & Mushrooms


    Chicken Portabello
    Breast of Chicken with Portabello, Mushrooms & Mozzarella in Brandy Cream Sauce


    Norwegian Salmon Cruda
    Grilled & Served with a Blend of Fresh Tomatoes, Basil & Olive Oil


    Norwegian Salmon Dill
    Breast of Chicken Marinated & Grilled. Served with Lemon Butter Sauce, White Wine.


    Norwegian Salmon Crabmeat
    Grilled and Served with Fresh Dill Sauce.


    Stuffed Flounder
    Crabmeat Imperial, Topped with Dill Sauce.


    Red Snapper
    Grilled & Served with Fresh Tomatoes & Rock Shrimp White Wine Sauce.


    Veal Sorrento
    Eggplant, Prosciutto & Mozzarella in Aurora Sauce.


    Veal Venzia
    Crabmeat & Asparagus in a Fresh Tomato Sauce.


    Veal Fiorentina
    Fresh Spinach & Mozzarella in a Wild Mushroom Sauce.


    Pork Filet
    10oz. Served with Mashed Potatoes & Spinach.


    Prime Rib - Choice Western Beef
    Steakhouse Selection


    Filet Mignon - Choice of Western Beef
    Steakhouse Selection


    Surf & Turf
    6oz. Filet Mignon Certified Angus Beef & 6oz. Lobster Tail.


    Vegetarian Tower
    Portabella Mushorroms stuffed with zucchini, eggplant, tomato, asparagus, Broccoli & spinach. Flavored with fresh herbs and spices.


    Fifth Course - Desserts (Choose one of the following)

    ~ Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce
    ~ Cappucino Cake
    ~ Tiramisu Cake
    ~ Chocolate Mousse Served in a Chocolate Cup with Raspberry Sauce
    ~ Cream Puffs & Cannoli Tray (two for each person) plus Homemade Biscotti, Imported Candies & Chocolates
    ~Wedding Cake
    Wedding Cake of Your Choice
    (Allowance not to exceed $3.50 per person)

    Enhanced Amenities
    Specialty Hors d'Ouevres

    Pasta Alla Minute Station
    Pasta: (Choice of 3)

    ~ Mini Ravioli ~ Pappardelli ~ Gnocchi ~ Tortellini ~ Penne Rigata ~ Mezzo Rigatoni ~ Fusilli ~ Orecchetti

    Sauces (Choice of 3)
    ~ Tomato & Basil ~ Marinara ~ Alfredo ~ Vodka ~ Garlic & Oil ~ Pesto ~ Puttanesca ~ Mantrigiana ~ Arrabiata

    Toppings (Choice of 3)
    ~ Grilled Chicken Breast ~ Mushrooms ~ Mixed Olives ~ Broccoli ~ Assorted Vegetables ~ Sun Dried Tomatoes ~ Peas
    $10 per person

    Toppings Primo
    (each Selection $2.90 per person)

    ~ Boneless Short Ribs of Beef ~ Shrimp & Scallops ~ Crab Meat ~ Broccoli Di Rabe ~ Spinach ~ Bolognese

    Seafood Station

    Seafood Station

    ~ Seafood Salad ~ Crab Cakes ~ Shrimp (U-Peel) Shrimp Cocktail ~ Linguini Pasta with Clams ~ Little Neck Clams ~ Fried Calamari ~ Mussels Marinara ~ King Crab Claws ~ Poached Salmon ~ Oysters ~ Grilled Octopus ~ Marinated Anchovies ~ Italian Tuna Salad ~ Assorted Miniature Tilapias
    $22 per person

    Mashed Potato Station

    ~ Sweet Potato & White New Potato

    Sauces (Choice of 2)
    ~ Lobster Newburg ~ Beef Burgeoning ~ Garlic Butter ~ Chili

    Toppings (Choice of 4)
    ~ Sour Cream ~ Cloves ~ Bacon ~ Shredded Cheddar Cheese ~ Shredded Parmigiano ~ Mushrooms ~ Jalapeno Peppers

    $9 per person

    Salumeria Station (Antipasto Italiano)

    Hand Carved Imported Cheeses:
    ~ Parmigiano Reggiano ~ Sharp Provolone ~ Prima Donna ~ Dolce Gorgonzola ~ Fior Di Latte Mozzarella ~ French Brie ~ Goat Cheese ~ Stilton ~ Crotonese ~ Bel Paese ~ Jarlsburg ~ Smoked Gouda

    Hand Carved Imported Cured Meats:
    ~ Parma Prosciutto ~ Home-Style Soppressata ~ Capicollo ~ Mortadella ~ Speck ~ Bresaola ~ Dried Sausage

    ~ Assorted Olives ~ Marinated Artichokes ~ Marinated Eggplant ~ Marinated Mushrooms ~ Sun Dried Tomatoes ~ Frittata Bites Asparagus & Peppers ~ Grilled Vegetables ~ Focaccia Pizza Bites ~ Fresh vegetables with Blue Cheese Dip ~ Orzo Pasta Salad ~ Coconut Chicken Tenders with Oriental Marmalade ~ Cured/Pickled peppers ~ Homemade Sweet Peppers ~ Hot Stuffed Peppers ~ Bruschetta ~ Polenta Bites ~ Fresh Fruit of the Day ~ Assorted Artisan Breads

    $20 per person

    Enhanced Dessert Options

    Dessert Station (Pasticceria)
    ~ MiniCannoli ~ Cream Puffs ~ Eclairs ~ ~ Assorted Mini Pastries ~ Biscotti ~ Italian Imported Cookies ~ Homemade Cookies ~ Lemon Drops ~ Spumetti ~ ~ Mostaccioli ~ Sfogliatelli ~ Pizzelles ~ Fresh fruit ~ Tiramisu ~ Rum Cake ~ Amareti Pignoli ~ Forrest Cakes ~ Imported Chocolate ~ Confetti & Candies
    $18 per person

    Coffee Bar Station:
    (Minimum 100 People)
    ~ Cappucino & Espresso Bar
    ~ Homemade Biscotti & Lady Fingers for - 100 pieces
    $7 per person

    ~ Please refer to catering policy for service options & details ~

    ~ Culinary Services Provided By Luigi and Giovanni Specialty Foods ~

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